Creating your Birth Cave

Everyone's perfect birth environment will be drastically different, and there is no 'one size fits all' approach to creating the perfect birth environment. Some women may feel more comfortable being at home birthing their babies, while others may choose to birth in hospital. There is no right answer, only what is right for you! However, there are ways of helping your body relax and birth in the calmest way possible, wherever you choose. By considering all of your senses, you can create your own perfect environment.......

Sight - Can the lights be dimmed or can you use candles (even using LED candles or fairy lights in hospital)?

Touch - Do you have something you find comforting to touch or be touched by? It could be your partners hand, a massage from a loved one or a favourite shirt or pillow.

Smell - Do you want to use aromatherapy during labour? Is this something your local hospital can offer or do you have any local homeopaths to discuss this with?

Sound- What music or sounds would you like to be playing, or would you prefer the room to be quiet?

Taste - It is important to eat little and often during birth to keep energy levels up, choose high energy, nourishing snacks and drinks to enjoy throughout your birth.

It's worth considering all these things when writing your birth plan - it can be a really useful tool to get you thinking!!!

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