Real Birth Workshops

Real Birth Workshops are an Royal College of Midwives (RCM) accredited positive birth preparation course that is designed to empower women and their partners  in decision making around their birth.


By women having an understanding of their body and understanding the choices that can be offered to them in labour, they become confident in making their birthing experience truly a life changing event, in the most positive way! 

The course is designed to support women and partners during their first or subsequent pregnancies, and can often be really helpful when a previous birthing experience hasn't been the most positive. It is for women planning ANY kind of birth, be it at home or in hospital.

Real Birth Workshops are suitable from around 20 weeks pregnant.

The aim of Real Birth workshops are to ensure that women and their partners gain knowledge and confidence around how the body births a baby, including how your body, hormones and environment all can have an effect on this

Some things we will cover during the day are 

The origin of fear in birth

Positive attitudes towards birth

The importance of skin to skin and optimal cord clamping

The different stages of birth; the role of the pelvis, uterus, pelvic floor muscles and hormones

Perineal changes

Positions in labour and how your birth partner can help

The importance of birth planning

Choices in birth, eg Induction of labour, use of water

Massage and breathing for birth

Comfort measures available (Pain relief)

These are currently £70 for online sessions via Zoom and can be done over 1 full day or 3 x 2 hour sessions, whichever suits you better!